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Some of Country Blues most important artists recorded vital songs that would later be covered by the likes of The Rolling Stones, at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis in September 1929. All of the songs from these legendary sessions, sounding clearer than ever before, are included here, for the first time[…]

One of our best selling items is now back in stock again, all Blues was rude and disgustingly provocative, with musicians singing in code to get past the censors. Well people have been singing about sex since the dawn of popular music – and since the roots of rock are[…]


In Britain post the Brexit vote, the subsequent hefty devaluation of Sterling has massively hiked our paper print costs plus we now we have an increase in postage costs to contend with as well. All these things make printing and mailing the Magpiemagazine more difficult as you can imagine, so for the moment we have[…]

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