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rock-historyOne of the things we have been heavily involved with as long time music people for the last ten years is trying to collect the back stories of the British music scene before it is too late. When I worked at EMI in the mid Seventies there was a lovely lady for example called Anthea Joseph who used to run the door at London’s Troubadour folk club in the Sixties. With just a small amount of prompting she would tell me stories about how Bob Dylan slept on her floor or what Paul Simon ‘borrowed’ from whom – wonderful stories. Then sadly she died and I realised that her stories had gone with her, so I decided to do something about it and started filming interviews with these fine people gently over the years.

Ten years later there is a huge archive of these stories that we are constantly trying to digest and make available in one form or another. here is one of the latest edits, a warning to you all on the perils of drinking at your own party in the Sixties from the original Spencer Davis Group bass player and of course brother of Stevie, Mr Muff Winwood.