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Peabody Blues is back in stock again


Some of Country Blues most important artists recorded vital songs that would later be covered by the likes of The Rolling Stones, at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis in September 1929.
All of the songs from these legendary sessions, sounding clearer than ever before, are included here, for the first time ever. In 1935 the author David L. Cohn famously wrote that the Mississippi Delta “Begins in the lobby of the Peabody Hotel in Memphis and ends on Catfish Row in Vicksburg.” The original Peabody Hotel, located at the corner of Monroe and Main, was built in 1869 and upon opening, quickly became an important part of the bustling melting pot that was Memphis. Music was an important part of Memphis culture with Blues, in particular, having very strong ties to the city; the first noted public performance of what would later be termed Blues occurred in Memphis in 1909 when W. C. Handy and his band played “Mr. Crump” in support of Edward ‘Boss’ Crump’s drive to get elected as mayor. The song would later be reworked and renamed ‘The Memphis Blues’ and when published in 1912 would be one of the first ever Blues-related songs to be issued in print.

The Blues continued to blossom in Memphis and one of the most popular performers in the first decades of the 20th century was Jim Jackson, who, taking up a residency at the hotel in 1919, is the earliest noted example of a Blues musician playing at the Peabody; many would soon follow. By 1923 the hotel was beginning to lose its lustre and so a new building was designed, and a plot on Union Avenue designated for construction. By the time of the new Peabody’s grand opening in 1925, Blues music was all over the city and the hotel was no exception.

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