BONNIE LOU – Friction Heat (1953 – 1958)


Friction Heat (1953 – 1958)

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Track listing & description

Tennessee Wig Walk*Hand-Me-Down Heart*Seven Lonely Days*Just Out Of Reach (Of My Two Open Arms)*No Heart At All*Welcome Mat*Don’t Stop Kissing Me Goodnight*No One*Huckleberry Pie*Please Don’t Laugh When I Cry*Two Step – Side Step*Wait For Me, Darling*Darling, Why?*Train Whistle Blues*Finger Of Suspicion*Tweedle Dee*Drop Me A Line*Old, Faithful And True Love*Miss The Love I’ve Been Dreaming Of*The Barnyard Hop*Daddy-O*Dancing In My Socks*Little Miss Bobby Sox*Bo Weevil*Lonesome Lover*One Track Love*I Want You*Kit ‘N’ Kaboodle*La Dee Dah – Duet With Rusty York*No One Ever Lost More*Have You Ever Been Lonely?*Friction Heat.
Swinging Country Rhythm – Bonnie Lou’s recorded output in the 1950s occupied that small niche of early country rockers that eschewed the backwoods hillbilly boogie style and, instead, created something more unique. Featuring a swinging country rhythm overlaid with horn solos and King’s trademark handclap boosted offbeat, Bonnie’s sound was often closer to Bill Haley than that of the other mid-west rockabillies. Up until now, Bonnie Lou’s classic King and Fraternity tracks from the 1950s have not been well-served by the reissue labels. This compilation finally re-releases the very best of her best material, so if you like a steady diet of good 1950s country, pop, rockabilly, doowop and rock ‘n’ roll – or a pleasing mixture of all those elements – you’re in for a treat.