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The printed Magpie magazine

In Britain post the Brexit vote, the subsequent hefty devaluation of Sterling has massively hiked our paper print costs plus we now we have an increase in postage costs to contend with as well.

All these things make printing and mailing the Magpiemagazine more difficult as you can imagine, so for the moment we have regrettably suspended the bi-monthly magazine whilst still continuing to run our core music by mail order business



In the meantime you can order the newest book in the RockHistory series – ‘Inside Looking Out’ by Mark Rye by clicking THIS LINK – the reviews so far are excellent we are pleased to report.

It captures the hectic spirit of Rock’n’Roll’s early days – MOJO

Irresistible and quietly compelling tales from long ago – RECORD COLLECTOR (****)

Social history – SHINDIG

This is a fun book to read that lifts the lid on the music industry of the 1960s and 1970s – MAKING TIME