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Yeah – a new website design with more news and stories

mark rye3

Hi there I’m Mark, glad you found the newly designed site and let’s hope it all makes for more interesting music experience for you. The plan is to have many more news stories and features on this part of the site, with the shopping cart being always available for anything that tickles your musical fancy.

So off we jolly well go, feel free to browse around some of the links and please find time to register with us as you will then get the latest updates as we post them rather than having to come and search for them. You can of course always unsubscribe if we are being too boring about an aspect of music that is not to your taste.

We try to cover a wide range of popular music from around the world, mainly like us, old stuff, or classic pop, folk, blues and rock as I like to think of it. In fact the next issue of Magpie will actually have some pages of great classical boxed sets for the first time as we keep getting some customer requests, what a wide range of musical tastes – but then most of us all have that breadth. Mainly though we will stick to what we have been doing for nearly the last 25 years here at MagpieDirect so enjoy a browse around.